Rebecca Sanchez

Patti Welder Middle School Art


Here in the Patti Welder Art Classroom, we learn the basics of making art as well as Art History. We are a hands on class where we always have an art project going on.

It is my goal to help my students grow a love of art that will hopefully last a lifetime.

If you love making art, friends, and memories this is the class for you.

Fine Arts Center

The Art Classroom Schedule

1st Period: 8:30-9:20 (6th Grade)

2nd Period: 9:24-10:14 (7th and 8th Grade)

3rd Period: 10:18-11:08 (6th Grade)

4th Period: Teacher Conference

5th Period: 12:36-1:26 (7th Grade)

6th Period: 1:30-2:20 (6th Grade)

7th Period: 3:18-3:45 (7th and 8th Grade)

Tutorials are available upon request on Thursdays from 4:15-4:30. Please have students speak to me directly about setting up tutorials.