Beginning in 2023, Victoria ISD will transition to Mouth Swab Drug Testing for secondary students involved in extra-curricular/co-curricular activities, that park a vehicle on school property, and secondary students whose parents/guardians have given the district permission to include them in the District Random Drug Testing Program.

As a reminder, and in accordance with FNCF-R and FNF (Regulation), the purposes of the drug-testing program are to:

  1.  Prevent injury, illness, and harm resulting from the use of illegal and performance-enhancing drugs or alcohol;
  2.  Help enforce a drug-free educational environment;
  3.  Deter student use of illegal and performance-enhancing drugs, alcohol; and
  4.  Educate students about the harm caused by using illegal and performance-enhancing drugs or alcohol.

When selected for testing, a student will be escorted to the school's testing site by a district employee and will remain under employee supervision until the student provides the required sample. Same-sex personnel from the drug-testing laboratory will conduct Mouth Swab Drug Testing under no more intrusive conditions than those experienced in a public restroom.

We remain committed to providing your child with a safe, orderly, nurturing educational environment that teaches healthy behaviors and positive choices.