Electronic Devices Guidelines

As Victoria ISD and our campuses prepare for the upcoming Spring Break, Victoria ISD wants to reaffirm our commitment to maintaining a productive learning environment at all of our campuses.

In alignment with this commitment, and to provide ample notice to parents/guardians prior to the return of students from spring break, we will be strictly enforcing the VISD Student Handbook regarding the Possession of Telecommunications or Other Electronic Devices, as outlined in district policy FNCE(Local).

According to district policy FNCE(Local), authorized District employees may confiscate personal telecommunications devices, including mobile telephones, when used in violation of applicable campus rules. Confiscated devices will be released for a fee determined by the Board. Details on device retrieval procedures can be found in the campus electronic device policies.

For reference, please consult the following resources:

It is crucial that students understand the importance of adhering to these guidelines to maintain a focused and productive learning environment. There are consequences of non-compliance with these rules.

Should parents/guardians have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child's campus.