academic calendar for 2024-25

The Victoria Independent School District (VISD) Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the approval of the 2024-25 Academic Calendar during the February 13th board meeting. 

The calendar was meticulously crafted with staff input throughout the process, ensuring the best possible educational experience for students and accommodating the needs of both students and staff.

The approved academic calendar for the 2024-25 school year includes essential dates, such as the school's first and last days, holidays, teacher professional development days, and our calendar parameters of 187 designated staff days for teachers and instructional paraprofessionals, 75,600 instructional minutes and 180 student instructional days. Due to the funding currently used to support our summer programming which provides extended-year instruction for students and opportunities for increased compensation for staff, our district is required to adopt a calendar with 180 student instructional days.

VISD remains dedicated to fostering a positive and productive learning environment while keeping the well-being of our students and educators in mind.

Key dates and highlights of the 2024-25 Academic Calendar include:

  • First day of school for students: August 13, 2024

  • Last day of school for students: May 29, 2025

  • Thanksgiving Break: Nov. 25-29, 2024

  • Winter Break: Dec. 23, 2024 -Jan. 3, 2025; Jan. 6, 2025-Teacher Work Day

  • Spring Break: March 17-21, 2025

This calendar was developed through a collaborative effort involving the VISD DEC team, which included administration, teachers, and staff to ensure that it aligns with the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. Nearly 900 staff members responded to the initial calendar survey sent out in early January. After thoroughly reviewing our calendar parameters and the staff survey feedback, the subcommittee created five calendar options. In late January, the full DEC team met to review the staff survey responses and discuss the five initial calendar options. Based on the staff surveys, the DEC team's discussion, and feedback from campus and district administrators, two calendar options were selected for consideration and shared with all VISD staff for their input bringing forth the final calendar for board approval. 

The VISD Board of Trustees commends the hard work and commitment of all those who contributed to the creation of the 2024-25 Academic Calendar and looks forward to a successful academic year ahead.

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