Love the Bus Month

In 2007, the American School Bus Council (ASBC) created “Love the Bus Month” to raise awareness and appreciation for the experience of riding the school bus. 

Each February, students, schools, and educators are invited to highlight the important role of the yellow school bus in their communities and show appreciation for the school bus staff who safely transport more than 25 million children to and from school every day.

Every school day, as early as 4:45 a.m., more than 70 VISD transportation staff members, as well as some trained teachers and coaches, walk through the gates of the transportation facility to prepare school buses for their daily journeys. Last school year, our transportation department traveled more than 760,000 miles transporting students to and from school and school-related activities. 

“I started when I was 19,” said Victoria Ramirez, who has been a bus driver for 51 years. “I love it. I enjoy being with the children.”

“I enjoy being around the kids,” said Samuel Palacios, bus driver of 3 years. “They make me laugh.”

“My favorite part is seeing the progress the children have made in their lives, seeing what they have accomplished over the years, and knowing that they have succeeded in life,” said Irene Cortez, bus driver of 38 years. 

We are grateful for every school bus driver, monitor, mechanic, and office member who has such a vital role in the daily operations for the school district. The next time you see a transportation staff member, we welcome you to offer up a simple ‘thank you’ for the jobs they do to keep our students safe on a day-to-day basis.