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Patti Welder Choir

Cinderella Audition Info
Auditions are November 4th & November 7th in the West Choir Room from 4-6 PM
Audition Music
Men - Ten Minutes Ago - Piano starts at M. 18. Sing from pickup to measure 34 stopping at the end of measure 86.
Women - A Lovely Night - Sing from the beginning to measure 38.
You DO NOT have to sing from memory but try to use the page only as a reference. Remember you're auditioning to perform in a musical and you should SING AND ACT even during auditions.
Please follow us on Facebook @pwchoir for more updates about concerts, rehearsals, fundraisers, and more! 
For more information please feel free to email the choir director, Amanda VanZandt. 
1st Period - 6th Grade Girls 
2nd Period - 7th and 8th Grade Advanced Girls 
3rd Period - Boys Choir  
4th Period - 7th and 8th Grade Girls